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"If I have seen further, it is only by standing on the shoulders of Giants."
-Sir Isaac Newton

This website was launched on the winter solstice day 2008 at 12:04 UTC on which a very rare astronomical event occurred called Galactic Alignment (John Major Jenkins). It hasn't occurred for 6.480 years. Galactic Alignment is the alignment of the Sun with the Galactic Equator of our Milky Way on a Solstice or Equinox day. Galactic Alignment fits into a larger framework of a Great Celestial Conjunction (Smelyakov / Wicherink). A Great Celestial Conjunction is the merger of two important zodiac crosses for a period of 39 years. The current Great Celestial Conjunction occurs in between the years 1978-2017 and is called era-2012 because it coincides with the ending of the Maya Long Count calendar on the Winter Solstice of 2012. The two zodiac crosses that now merge are the rotating Equinox-Solstice cross (due to precession) and a fixed Galactic cross. It is because the Solstice axis of the first cross merges with the axis of the Galactic cross in era-2012, that Galactic Alignment occurs on both the Summer and Winter Solstice.

The research conducted by the authors of this website focuses on this phenomenon and explores the ancient archives, monuments and artifacts for the numerous clues that were left behind by the ancients who apparently deemed this event very important. According to the ancients, the world's history can be divided into four 'World Ages' that are separated by the Galactic cross and moments of Great Celestial Conjunctions.  According to the Hopi, Aztec and Maya Indians, we are currently entering a new World Age, or new Sun, for another 6,480 years. Clues that the Great Celestial Conjunction were known to the Sumerians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Freemasons and even within Christian gnostic circles, are explored on this website. In Christianity, this event is described in John's Revelation and is known as the End-Times doctrine.

As we will explore, freemasonry is preserving the ancient knowledge of Great Celestial Conjunctions. We believe this to be part of the true secrets concerning the 'Da Vinci Code' that the church has been trying to suppress for ages.

Winter solstice 2008


The self-named Key of Solomon article is the collaborative final product of said authors and is the first of many to come. More articles that explore ancient mysteries and lost knowledge concerning the Great Celestial Conjunction will follow as our joint research into these mysteries has only just begun. Our first article is intended to be a reaction and review of the latest work of researchers and authors throughout the world. The work henceforth being presented is that of the authors above and is reasoned through both our own discoveries and the accomplishments of our predecessors. Adhering to firm scientific method and as professional courtesy, we have strived to accurately reference the work of those that have made their contributions to these subjects. In order to best reason the conclusions that we shall present, we must obviously be well-versed in the work of others and how they came to their conclusions. At times, we share the conclusions of our colleagues and, at others, we arrive at different destinations. We hope that despite all of our differences, we can appreciate that we all have the same goal. The only way to achieve the truth or the ultimate goal is to not only openly discuss our ideas, but to feel free to do so.

No one person has the entire truth, and we certainly do not profess to have it all. In 1676, the luminary physicist and mathematician Sir Isaac Newton once said, "If I have seen further, it is only by standing on the shoulders of Giants". We are forever grateful to these Giants for their help in letting us look over the hills, and to see just a bit further.

Our goal on this website is to present our work in hopes that it will stimulate the thoughts and imaginations of those that are not only open-minded, but to those that are still climbing the Giants to gain a better perspective that might illuminate us all. Feel free to visit anytime, as we will be constantly updating the site with our latest findings and research.

Winter solstice 2008, Aaron Parlier