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Washington Memorial

Location:  Washington D.C.
Lattitude:  38 º 53’ 22” North
Longitude: 77º 02’ 08”  West
Height    : 169.294 meters (555 feet 5⅛ inches)

On the Key of Solomon website Herschel postulates that the founding fathers and freemasons who designed Washington Memorial encoded a secret message concerning the ‘mystery star’ in this monument. The cornerstone of Washington Memorial was laid on July 4th 1848 on Independence Day. As Herschel correctly mentions, the Fourth of July is the only date of the year that Orion rises along with the Sun. Since, according to Herschel, the eight-pointed cross in the Key of Solomon represents Orion, the Fourth of July was not accidentally chosen as the inauguration date of the monument. On his site, Herschel shows a picture of the water causeway and obelisk looking from the Lincoln Memorial towards the Capitol in eastern direction. The Sun rises in the Northeast, just left of the obelisk, while the Pleiades reside over the obelisk pointing to the ‘blazing star’ or mystery star of Herschel’s star map. The Pleiades and the location of his mystery star, however, are not visible since they reside over the obelisk at daytime.

Washington 4th July, Sun at the height of the obelisk (8°36’) viewed from Lincoln Memorial

For calculations see: Washington Alignment Calculations

Herschel explains that the only other day of the year that this alignment occurs again and is visible in the sky is on the day of the Winter Solstice. The authors of this article have discovered that this statement is misleading. Although it’s true that the alignment occurs again on the Winter Solstice date, the problem is that this alignment is not unique for the Winter Solstice alone! In the last months of the year, this alignment occurs every night only at different times.

The reciprocal date for the 4th July sky chart is the 3rd of January or exactly 6 months after the Fourth of July. On this date, the Sun has the same relative altitude with respect to the horizon as on the Fourth of July when the Pleiades reside perfectly East over the obelisk.


Compare this picture with the sky chart above and notice that the sky is identical to the sky of the 4th of July (half a year ago) with the Sun at the same relative altitude  (-8°36’) now below the horizon!

Conclusion: the REVERSE situation of July 4th with the Sun at an altitude of 8º 36’ (at the top op the obelisk) occurs exactly half a year later on January 3rd when the Sun is now 8º 36’ below the horizon. So the reverse situation of July 4th with the Sun at the tip of the obelisk and Betelgeuse perfectly East occurs again on January 3rd and NOT as Herschel claims on the Winter Solstice!


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